How does period underwear work?

How does period underwear work?

 To start with the question of how does period underwear work, we need to understand what period underwear is. Through this post you will learn what period underwear is, how...
November 20, 2022 — Grace Forsyth
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Biocides: our opinion and keeping your period underwear clean

When creating our dais period underwear and bladder leak underwear, we decided not to use biocides- in all honesty, the decision wasn’t easy, so I wanted to walk you through...
September 29, 2022 — Grace Forsyth
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CleanHub x dais // Our Plastic Story

We have partnered with CleanHub from day 1 to ensure plastic neutrality for our brand and products. But what does that all mean? We want to take you through some...
September 23, 2022 — Grace Forsyth