Our Beginners Guide to Absorbent Underwear

Step 1: Trial at Night

Need to develop a bit of trust? Why not try dais underwear out during the night to allow you to develop trust in the incredible absorbent power of our dais underwear.

Step 2: Trial at Home

Home office day? Lazy Sunday at home? We recommend using the opportunity to put your dais underwear to the next test- in your safe space, nothing can go wrong.

Step 3: Wear with Confidence

Now you have developed trust, you can feel confident wearing your dais underwear out of the house. So grab your favorite outfit and leave the house feeling empowered!

How do absorbent underwear work?

dais absorbent underwear can be used for both periods and bladder leaks to absorb your blood or urine.

Our underwear can fully replace one time use products such as tampons and pads to allow you to more sustainable manage your period and bladder leaks! 

4-Layer Technology

dais underwear has 4 layers in total designed to quickly absorb and capture blood and urine to allow for a dry feeling all day long.

Layer 1: Works to quickly absorb to transport liquid to the next layer which helps you feel dry all day long.

Layer 2: Absorbs and stores liquid.

Layer 3: Waterproofing to prevent leakage.

Layer 4: Skin friendly outer-material.

Re-use With 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Rinse with cold water

Step 2: Machine wash up to 40°C

Step 3: Air dry

Step 4: Reuse, repeat & leave the world a little better