It is a big change to go from wearing underwear and a throw away period product, whether you are used to pads or tampons, or even a more sustainable option of the menstrual cup. Therefore, it can be a bit confusing to understand how to easily adapt this new routine into your life without causing any additional stress or work for yourself. In this blog post I will take you through the top tips for how you can organise your washing, the best products to use and the steps you can take to ensure your dais period underwear last for the next few years. You can also find more tips and tricks and our FAQs to guide you through any other questions you may have.

Can I wash dais period underwear in the washing machine?

Yes, you can absolutely wash dais period underwear in the washing machine. We recommend rinsing with cold water before putting the underwear in the wash as it helps the blood to be fully washed out. We recommend washing dais period underwear at 40 °C which is an eco-friendly temperature and also significantly reduces household bills. If you want, you are also able to wash at 30°C which will save you 60% energy in comparison to washing at 60°C.1 Not only are these lower temperatures saving energy and reducing your costs, but it also helps the underwear last longer as it reduces the likelihood of materials shrinking and fraying.

What are the washing instructions for dais period underwear?

dais period underwear are easy to clean in 4 steps.

Step 1: Rinse with cold water.

This ensures that the blood does not stain and stay in the material and that most of the blood is rinsed out before the product is put into the wash.

Step 2: Machine wash at an eco-friendly temperature of 40 °C. 

This not only saves you money and is more eco-friendly, but it ensures that all the layers stay the same shape and size and do not shrink, allowing you to use more underwear for the years to come. We recommend using a liquid detergent as powdered detergents sometimes struggle to dissolve at lower temperatures. We also recommend every once in a while, using laundry disinfectant to ensure that all bacteria is killed on the underwear.

Step 3: Air dry.

Simply place on the laundry line or hang inside your home to dry.

Step 4: Reuse, repeat and leave the world a better place.   

Why do I need to rinse with cold water before?

Cold water is much more effective at removing blood than warm or hot water. The reason for this is because blood stains are protein based, and the use of warm or hot water with protein-based stains could cause you to “cook” the proteins allowing them to bind further into the textiles, making it almost impossible to remove them.2

What products do you recommend using to wash dais period underwear?

We recommend using a liquid based detergent instead of a powder as sometimes powders struggle to dissolve properly in a colder wash. We personally love the Ecover laundry detergents with their clean ingredients which are plant based, dermatologically tested and vegan friendly. Moreover, their bottle is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and they even have refill stations!

We also recommend every now and then using a laundry disinfectant in the washing machine with the dais period underwear. As we do not use biocides in our underwear, it is beneficial to do a bacterial clean every few wears. You just add it to your machine wash in the laundry softener compartment according to instructions on the pack. You can find them at your local supermarket or drugstore. If you live in Germany we recommend the Denk Mit disinfection which we have tested on our underwear. It is only €1,65 and does not leave any smell or residue on the clothes and underwear.

Can I hand wash dais period underwear whilst travelling?

Yes, you can absolutely hand wash your dais period underwear whilst travelling. We recommend soaking your dais underwear in cold water for about an hour and then use warm tap water with a liquid hand wash detergent to ensure the underwear is fully clean. Then hand to dry and re-wear! We recommend to add a little bit of the laundry detergent whilst hand washing to be absolutely sure that the underwear is clean, or alternatively do so with your next wash.  

Can I wash dais period underwear with other clothes?

Yes, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot wash dais period underwear with other clothes. For a lot of people this is a difficult barrier as it feels unhygienic but it should be treated no differently than any other underwear you wear, especially if you have already rinsed with cold water. Some people feel more comfortable to use a washing bag for their dais period underwear which you can also purchase on our webshop. As always, please wash along with similar colours to avoid any discolouration.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to check out our FAQs or write us an email at .


November 23, 2022 — Grace Forsyth