We have partnered with CleanHub from day 1 to ensure plastic neutrality for our brand and products. But what does that all mean? We want to take you through some basics to understand a little more about the co-operation. 

What kind of plastics exist? 

When you think of plastic, you probably think of plastic water bottles, or food containers. Actually, plastic is an extremely broad term used to describe a category of material, rather than a specific material itself. Most plastics are made from oil, that “evil” fossil fuel that causes serious environmental and health concerns. However, smart scientists have managed to make plastic out of renewable resources such as corn which is great because they have many of the advantages of the “dirty” plastics, but they biodegrade. Regardless of the material itself, if you look around, you will release that most of the items in the room you are sitting in contain at least some plastic. That makes it a tough dilemma- it certainly is not the cleanest material in the world, but equally it is probably the single most useful one for our everyday lives, we just need to learn how to deal with it properly.

Where and why is plastic used in dais period underwear?

dais absorbent underwear works due to our 4-layer technology. Our 3rd layer is made of PUL, a plastic which is soft, flexible, and waterproof. It is used to prevent the stored liquid from getting through the underwear- an essential to avoid any leaks or accidents. We also use spandex/elastane which provides elasticity, because there truly is nothing worse than having to pull your underwear up 100x per day. Lastly, some of our models use a Nylon based outer layer- this is totally down to preference. Some prefer a soft, breathable cotton, others prefer the silkier shaping effect of nylon. If you have a personal preference to pick a product with less plastic, then please choose our For Staying In dais, For Teenage dais or our For Maternity dais products as they contain no Nylon which has a large impact on the amount of plastic in the product.

What does plastic neutrality even mean?

We know- sometimes these environmental claims on products are just confusing. So, let’s break it down. Because we have plastic in our product, we decided we want to balance this by removing and recovering plastic waste from nature. We measure the grams of plastic in each of our underwear types, then we track the sales and for each gram of plastic we sell, CleanHub collects plastic pollution.


Our Plastic Collection

We work with the collection hub Green Worms based in South India. They collect household waste in more than 50 municipalities and provide income for over 300 people, of which over 80% are women. These efforts have already led to the collection and recycling over 26,000 tonnes of waste. 

September 23, 2022 — Grace Forsyth