Our Mission

We "strive for better dais" with our mission to eliminate one-time use period and bladder leak products and empower people to feel seamlessly confident through their everyday lives.

The founders of dais

Meet Eva, Grace & Jonas

Hi, we are Eva, Grace and Jonas, the founders of dais. We are passionate about product innovation, brand building and female empowerment.

the dais team

Meet Eva

Eva is our sales and marketing star with an incredible eye for aesthetics and design. If you can’t find her in the office, she will probably be taking some much rewarded ‘me time’ either painting something modern and abstract or exploring the mountain region around Munich.

Meet Grace

Grace is the product innovation guru and the extroverted brand queen, who thrives off creating TikToks. Whether convincing people to play board games, going out for dinner or taking a road trip, you can be sure Grace will be spending time with a big group of friends and family.

Meet Jonas

Jonas is the operations and finance “man with the plan” who can pull off any deal with his spectacular charm and wit. When he is not out sharing his love for dais, he is riding his racing bike as fast as he updates his business plan.

100% Plastic Neutral

Thanks to our co-operation with CleanHub, dais has been able to neutralize the use of plastic in their underwear, making them the world’s first plastic neutral period underwear. Through this initiative, dais enables the fast collection and recovery of ocean bound plastic waste which supports clean environments and creates sustainable jobs in the global south.