Having sex on your period might be something that makes you uncomfortable, or might be something that you find totally normal and really enjoy. Everyone is different and has different preferences and there is no right or wrong, because at the end of the day having penetrative or non-penetrative intercourse during menstruation is totally fine.

Can you have sex on your period?

The short answer is yes, you can totally have sex on your period, whether it is penetrative or not penetrative. It can even be healthy and have extra benefits on your period versus off your period. Some people notice increased sexual arousal during their period, whilst some feel embarrassed or uncomfortable from physical symptoms surrounding their period such as the menstrual blood and cramps.

There are many benefits to being in your period when you have sex, such as that it is generally easier for both parties due to increased lubrication, it can be more fun due to hormone fluctuations during your cycle which can make you feel more in the mood, and it can even help with cramps!  

Can you get pregnant when you are on your period?

Despite the myths, you can get pregnant during your period. Whilst there are lower chances of getting pregnant during your period versus during ovulation for example, there is no guarantee that you are not ovulating at the same time as bleeding. You should therefore be cautious if you do not wish to get pregnant, by ensuring you are using your normal contraception.

Does having sex on your period make you bleed more?  

Having sex on your period does not affect how much you bleed over your whole cycle. It can however cause a little more blood to come afterwards as the movement in the cervix can cause a uterine contraction which can make blood come out a bit quicker. There is nothing to worry about though and there will be no dramatic difference to your bleeding whether you have or not have sex.

What are tips to avoid a mess whilst having sex on your period?

If you want to have sex on your period but are worried about making a mess there are a few things you can do. Firstly, you can place a towel on the bed. Using a dark towel can be even better as you are less likely to be confronted with the blood. This can then easily be thrown in the wash afterwards. Another tip is to move your sex to the shower. Any mess that is created will simply wash away and the extra lubrication can make it the best shower sex you’ve ever had. Lastly, you can use a menstrual disk or a soft tampon which allow the blood to be collected and you can then have penetrative sex and remove them afterwards.

Why is it good to masturbate when you are on your period?

Sex and orgasms are not just for those who have or find a partner to have fun with- you can also have some fun solo, and it tends to be a little less messy. Orgasms during your period can help reduce cramps and sooth headaches – so we recommend it.

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February 27, 2023 — Grace Forsyth